Baths & Thermoregulators


Cole-Parmer® Unheated Baths WBU-200-8, WBU-200-12, WBU-200-18, WBU-200-26, WBU-200-48

      • Stainless steel construction
      • Seam-free and corrosion resistant stainless steel inners for easy cleaning
      • Rugged splash-proof case
      • Integrated carrying handle
      • Maximum working temperature of 200°C
      • All models come with a 3 year warranty as standard
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Cole-Parmer® Thermoregulator, IC-300-10DDC - IC-300-20DDC - IC-300-20HDC
Thermoregulators are designed to be used with the Cole-Parmer® unheated water baths or any other suitable laboratory vessels. They will heat, circulate and safely control the temperature of the liquid in the bath within precise limits.

      • Temperature range of -40°C to 120°C
      • Please note for sub-ambient cooling a Dip Cooler or Flow Cooler is required
      • Applications <0°C and >100°C require Techne bath oil
      • Excellent temperature stability: ±0.01°C at 40°C
      • 4 digit setting with a bright LED digital temperaturedisplay
      • Suitable for most routine laboratory applications
      • User adjustable over-temperature cut-out
      • Low liquid level cut-out as standard
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Cole-Parmer® Liquid Calibration Baths, WBU-250-5 - WBU-250-7 - WBU-250-12

The Cole-Parmer® liquid calibration bath (LCB) series offer compact, accurate and reliable liquid water baths which can be used for external circulation or temperature calibration of thermal sensors.


      • -35°C to 250°C
      • Three different capacities available; 5, 7 or 12 litres
      • Temperature stability; ±0.005°C depending on choice of control unit
      • Fully insulated bath for excellent heat retention
      • Analogue or digital temperature selection, depending on choice of control unit
      • Includes cover, lid and bridging plate
      • Brochure page available


Cole-Parmer® Temperature Controllers- FSB200-TC-S, FSB200-TC-L 

The Cole-Parmer® temperature contollers are designed to improve the temperature stability and temperature setting accuracies, the FSB-200 series are a self contained unit compatible with the FSB-200D and FSB-200 Fluidised Baths. The unit is supplied complete with a chromel/alumel Type K thermocouple which fits into the pocket in the in the FSB-200 baths range. Brochure page here


Falc Instruments

A full range of Baths Available from FALC Instruments including: Water Baths, Oil Baths, Immersion Baths, Refrigerated Baths, and 
Multi purpose Baths



Cooling system compatible with thermostatic baths



          • High temperature oil baths with round tank
          • General purpose oil baths up to 300° C