MESLO is  a leading scientific and process equipment provider, established in 1984 in Nicosia, Cyprus. We operate and manage regional offices for a number of manufacturers while implementing a successful "Franchise" regional office. We sell top quality Laboratory equipment brands into the Middle East and African markets, and guarantee after-sales service including technical support. 

Our Mission

It' s our MISSION to develop our relationship with our suppliers and customers to serve the scientific market within the Middle East and Africa by differentiating ourselves through our customer service and support.

We build brand equity through a responsive and dedicated route to market and continuously strive to add value across the supply chain by being responsive to our distributors and suppliers needs.

We have found this be the corner stone of long term relationships that are built on trust and the knowledge that we stand firm in protecting our suppliers' integrity as well as support our distributors with their customers' needs.

Competitive Pricing & After Sale Service

With a focus on excellent quality service, maintenance support and competitive prices, we have accumulated decades of experience working with top scientific brands.

The ability to communicate and understand the culture of the region through a team that is multilingual, has allowed us to offer fast and responsive support. This includes our effective supply chain management strategy through warehousing facilities and logistical partners in the UK, Cyprus and the U.A.E.
Meslo also boasts a vast database and intimate knowledge of local distributors capabilities, scope of activities and performance record.





MESLO caters to customers throughout the Middle East and Africa with a large array of products focused on various applications and market segments.

  Food & Beverage   Building Material    Medical & Clinical Laboratories   Research & Development
  Forensic Sciences   Drinking Water Testing   Oil & Gas   Soil Testing 
  General Laboratory equipment   Effluent and Waste water Testing   Pulp and Paper   University Laboratories
  Industrial Applications    Environmental Laboratories   Pharmaceutical


  Tobacco Processing

  Life Science   Extrusion   Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  Process Chemistry




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