Food / Feed

Include on-line and at-line equipment for measurements of moisture, fat, protein, oil, and degree of bake in coffee, chocolate, chips, meat, cheese, biscuits, milk powders & more. Synbiosis brand offers counting of any type of microbial colonies from food or drink samples, while Microgen offers diagnostic products for clinical and food laboratories. Masterflex offers high-performance pumps designed to handle a wide range of food processing applications from pumping shear sensitive products to highly viscous material transfer, continuously providing accurate and contamination-free flow control. Food samples can be tested for Sodium, Potassium and Calcium With BWB Flame photometers.

Laboratory Equipment

A full range of benchtop laboratory equipment & high quality lab supplies for the life sciences, research, clinical, general laboratories, calibration and industrial applications.

Life Science

Providing equipment for sample preparation, extraction, amplification and detection. Gel Documentation systems for rapid, accurate imaging analysis of 1D, 2D gels, fluorescent, chemiluminescent blot and TLC plates. Temperature control equipment, including water baths, Dri-block heaters and molecular biology products such as hybridisation incubators and thermal cyclers (PCR & rPCR). From PSS (Japan); Unsurpassed Nucleic Acid Extraction.



Soil & Agriculture

Palintest analysis equipment for Soil, Hydroponics and Irrigation. Soil and water are intrinsically linked in agricultural production and horticultural excellence. Palintest soil kits provide simple and reliable tools for optimizing crop yields and protecting the environment.

Tobacco Analysis

NDC offers accurate moisture control has a strategic impact both in Primary and GLT processes: controlling blend moisture is critical to achieving the fastest making speeds and the target in-pack moisture content. Also, many cigarette and cigar factories in Europe, Africa, America and Asia successfully deploy TEWS devices for measuring the moisture in leaf tobacco, cut tobacco, stems, cigarettes or cigars.

Water Analysis

Drinking Water, Wastewater and Process Water analysis. Palintest brand equipment is used worldwide within applications such as potable water supply, healthcare, process industries, environmental monitoring, leisure facilities and agriculture with technologies being backed by over 70 years of research.


Oil & Gas

Rugged FTIR from KEIT for real-time analysis of Petro-chemicals and their products in the Oil & Gas industries. Chemical Analysis of Water in glycol, aromatics (benzene, toluene and xylene), mono and poly glycerides, alcohols (methanol, ethanol, glycerol), esters, fatty acid.


If you need accurate microbial enumeration or inhibition zone sizing to test the efficacy or sterility of your pharmaceutical samples, then Synbiosis have a range of colony counters and zone measuring systems & equipment that are perfect for all your needs. TEWS range offers equipment for moisture readings play a crucial role in processes such as powder drying, granulation and hard gelatine capsules.

Pool & Spa

Electronic and visual testing products for professional and residential pools, hydrotherapy pools, spas and hot tubs. Range includes Photometers, Electrochemical Meters including TDS, Multiparameter, PH and Conductivity. Visual Test Kits also available to maintain water balance as well as Complete kits containing all reagents and components required for testing.

Medical Applications

Products used by clinical laboratories to detect and diagnose disease, and by food laboratories to detect and identify pathogenic organisms including; Biochemical Identification Kits, Latex Agglutination Kits, Rapid Helicobacter Screening, Virology, Fungal Serology, Cell Culture, Quidel, Immunology & Haematology, Buffer Concentrates, Pregnancy tests, Diagnostic tests for HPV, respiratory diseases, multiple detection of human herpes and enteroviruses. Also available; automated colony counting and inhibition zone measurement, Automated Nucleic Acid Purification & Extraction, Rapid Disease Detection: Molecular Detection of Influenza A and B.

Veterinary Applications & Diagnostic Equipment

Synbiosis equipment for Colony counting in seconds with excellent color definition, easy Zone Measurement with software for time saving analysis. Microgen Bioproducts include a range of simple, reliable bacterial identification systems for Veterinary Labs. Also available; Adam Equipment scales and balances for all types of veterinary and animal weighing needs. From checking the weight of small pets and large livestock, and monitoring food portions.

Microbiology Applications

Your complete Microbiology Lab solution from Meslo. Sample Preparation & Laboratory Equipment, Consumables & Kits for Agriculture, Clinical, Food, Industrial,& Pharma,Vet & Research Applications. Equipment and consumables from a variety of top European and UK brands.





Medical Disposable Supplies

Kessler is an active player in the field of medical technology, creating products with the highest standards of performance, functionality and assessment, based on the development of the following products: Wound care; adhesive bandages, plaster strips, ocupads & Tapes. Non Adhesive & sterilized wound dressings, pads & gauze / Surgical Masks / Syringes / Medical / Thermometers / Blood Pressure Machines / Hand Serilizers HERE

Biomonitoring, Biosurveillance & Environmental Testing Applications

Biomonitoring for sars-cov-2 and other disease threats in air, surfaces, and liquids. Air collection and liquid sample concentration technologies for improved detection. Stand-alone field and laboratory equipment apply to air sampling and liquid sample concentration offering the best solutions available for trace detection of threat organisms using rapid molecular methods.