Ovens & Furnaces Laboratory

MESLO offers a range of Laboratory Ovens and Furnaces.

In our Laboratory Ovens range Laboratory ovens use thermal convection to deliver heat to the chamber, which allows them to maintain uniform temperatures. We offer General Laboratory Ovens (under 300 degC) Forced / Fanned, Natural Concetion or Upright airflow from the following brands : JSR, Witeg and Carbolite GERO Laboratory Ovens. 

Natural convection ovens are the most economical option and are well suited for applications where the increased airflow of a fan assisted convection oven would be problematic. By comparison, fan assisted convection ovens are able to achieve greater temperature uniformity and offer faster recovery rates. Laboratory ovens can be used for drying and sterilising equipment, often glassware. Laboratory ovens can also be used for heating, dehydrating, or softening samples, as well as numerous other laboratory applications across various industries.

Furnaces is defined as heating system that heats above 1000 degrees Fahrenheit. Our range of furnaces include Carbolite GERO Furnaces - ELF furnaces heat to 1100°C - these models are suitable for light duty general laboratory work and are economical .The heating chamber is insulated with vacuum-formed low thermal mass insulation, which offers exceptional performance in achieving maximum temperature quickly and efficiently. CWF furnaces to 1300°C - these furnaces integrate the best of traditional and modern materials to produce an outstanding combination of performance and reliability