Microplate Readers

  BioTek Fluorescence Microplate Readers

BioTek FLx800 Fluorescence Reader

BioTek offers a wide choice in fluorescence detection, from the low-cost, highly sensitive FLx800™ to the modular Synergy ™, BioTek has the fluorescence reader you need. Cost effective filter-based systems and advanced monochromator-based designs are available. The unique patented Hybrid Technology, which combines monochromator and filter-based optics, is available on several Synergy models, providing incredible performance and application flexibility.

 BioTek Absorbance Microplate Readers

PowerWave HT Microplate Spectrophotometer

BioTek's absorbance readers provide total flexibility for many applications. From basic ELISA to high throughput detection, the absorbance readers offer tremendous functionality. The monochromator based instruments provide UV-VIS detection while the filter-based systems offer great performance and good value.

  • Epoch 2 Microplate Spectrophotometer
  • Epoch Microplate Spectrophotometer
  • ELx808 Absorbance Reader
  • ELx800 Absorbance Reader