Balances and Scales

 Adam Equipment Balances & Scales

For many laboratory applications, a balance with a high level of precision is essential for weighing samples. Adam Equipment analytical balances provide readabilities to 0.1mg and can perform tasks such as formulation, density determination, purity analysis and conformance testing. Adam analytical balances feature a compact footprint, so they occupy minimal space on crowded lab workbenches. These balances offer a host of features to simplify even the most complex weighing applications. Adam analytical balances are equipped with weighing chambers to improve precision and ensure consistent results.

ADAM Precision Balances with a multitude of intuitive features and functions, Adam Equipment top-loading precision balances are well-suited for laboratory use, quality control testing, manufacturing operations and production applications. The Adam precision balances can efficiently perform tasks such as formulation, density determination, purity analysis, quality control, packaging and filling, and materials and conformance testing. Adam offers many balances with data output and tracking capabilities to allow system integration for GLP compliance. From high-capacity weighing of test materials to measuring small sample amounts, Adam Equipment's precision balances consistently deliver high-precision weighing and achieve accurate results.