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Argos Technologies is a life science company that provides equipment and supplies to the scientific research community all over the world. Since Argos was founded in 2003, they have continued to develop and introduce unique and innovative products to the marketplace. Argos product portfolio focuses on four core competencies: Liquid Handling, Benchtop Equipment, General Laboratory Consumables and Cryogenic Storage.

Argos motto is “Manufacturing Solutions for Science” is supported by their continued reinvestment in new market research and product development. With input from their customers, Argos continue to expand their product portfolio and range of products to meet current and unmet customer needs. This is evidenced by the number of new products we release annually.

Argos Technologies offers a comprehensive range of innovative products to the laboratory research community on a global basis. Argos is committed to providing unique product and technological solutions to the challenges facing the scientific community. We are dedicated to providing the highest level of service, quality and innovation to our valued customers.

  • Cyrogenic Storage
  • Hand Held Aspirator
  • Microcinerator 
  • Spinners 
  • Rotators