Soil & Agriculture Applications


Soil, Hydroponics and Irrigation KITS - Fiels kits

Soil and water are intrinsically linked in agricultural production and horticultural excellence.

Palintest soil kits provide simple and reliable tools for optimising crop yields and protecting the environment.



Palintest for Soil, Hydroponics and Irrigation

  • SK100 Soil pH and Lime Requirement Kit Soil pH is the most important single parameter for soil testing providing not just information about the acidity or alkaline nature of soil but also the availability of key nutrients: pH Soiltester and reagents for 50 tests - clear visual soil pH testing with no requirement for calibration or maintenance.
  • SKW500 Complete Soil Kit Combining the accuracy of the Soiltest 10 photometer with the simplicity of Palintest soil test methods, the SKW500 provides agronomists, soil scientists and farming professionals alike with a portable soil laboratory for macronutrients and micronutrients: Test protocols for macronutrients (soil pH, N/P/K), micronutrients and trace minerals including sulphur, manganese and magnesium.
  • SKW400 Professional Soil Management Kit The SKW 400 Professional Soil Management Kit provides fundamental soil nutrient testing capability with the space to add up to seven additional soil reagent packs: Simple, field-ready soil test methods for macro nutrients (soil pH, N/P/K), calcium, magnesium and conductivity.
  • SK300 Soil Management Kit Measure soil pH, conductivity, N/P/K, magnesium and calcium using simple visual test methods in a durable soil test kit designed for field use: Visual test equipment and reagents for soil pH, lime requirement, nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) macronutrients plus magnesium and calcium testing.
  • SK200 Soil Fertility Kit Measure soil pH and N/P/K in a simple visual soil test kit containing reagents and hardware for effective soil fertility monitoring. Measure soil pH, lime requirement, nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium (N/P/K) macronutrients using simple visual soil testing methods.


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BWB Flame Photometer Potassium Extraction from Soil

The concentration of potassium in the extract is determined by flame photometry; significant interference by other elements does not occur.


  • Bottles - 125 ml, wide mouth, screw cap.
  • Scales - accurate to 1 DP.
  • Shaking machine with platform - approx. 275 strokes per min, length of travel 25 mm.


Ammonium nitrate, M - Dissolve 400 g of ammonium nitrate in water and dilute to 5 l. Standardisation is unnecessary.


Grind soil and pass through a 2 mm mesh sieve. Transfer 20 g of air dried soil into a bottle and top up to 50 ml of M ammonium nitrate. Cap the bottle and shake on the shaking machine for 30 mins. Filter through a 125 mm Whatman No. 2 filter paper and retain the filtered extract (this sample may also be used for the determination of magnesium; and sodium if carried out immediately or the bottle is stored in a polythene bottle). Carry out a blank determination with ammonium nitrate solution.

Preparation of Standard Graph

Set the flame photometer in accordance to MultiPoint/Single Ion Calibration found on page 24 of the BWB Technologies Installation and Operation Manual, to measure potassium emission. Nebulise the potassium working standard solutions containing 0 and 50 µg/ml of potassium and adjust the controls until steady zero and maximum readings are obtained. Nebulise the intermediate working standard solutions and construct a graph relating meter readings to µg/ml of potassium in all the standard solutions.




InnovaPREP Environmental Monitoring

All InnovaPrep technologies are perfectly suited for environmental monitoring applications.

InnovaPREP Concentrating Pipette Select The CP Select™

For the rapid concentration of bacteria, viruses, parasites, molds, spores and whole cells- delivering the most highly-concentrated sample possible for subsequent analysis.

InnovaPrep Large Volume Concentration (LVC) Kit

Allows concentration of bacteria and viruses from large liquid volumes (100+ liters) very rapidly using existing head pressure or with the use of a basic pump, no other device is needed.

The ACD-200 Bobcat

A lightweight, portable, dry filter air sampler. It is ideally suited for the collection of bio-aerosols, sub-micron sized particles, and airborne molecular contamination. The Rapid Filter Elution Kit allows instant sample recovery from the filter.