Clinical Applications



Microgen Bioproducts was established in 1994 and has become a leader in the development, manufacture, distribution and marketing of products used by clinical laboratories to detect and diagnose disease, and by food laboratories to detect and identify pathogenic organisms. The product range comprises a comprehensive list of quality diagnostic products in the fields of microbiology, serology, haematology, bacteriology and virology.


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  • Biochemical Identification Kits
  • Latex Agglutination Kits
  • Rapid Helicobacter Screening
  • Virology
  • Fungal Serology
  • Cell Culture
  • Quidel
  • Immunology & Haematology
  • Buffer Concentrates
  • Pregnancy tests


Synbiosis has pioneered the development of automated colony counting and inhibition zone measurement since 1985 to bring you three world leading systems – the ProtoCOL 3, Protos 3 and the aCOLyte 3. Within these ranges you’ll find the perfect colony counter or zone sizing system to fit in with your budget and level of analysis you need.

Rapid colony counts
You can use a ProtoCOL 3, Protos 3 or an aCOLyte for microbial enumeration in safety testing. ProtoCOL 3 can also be used for applications including Ames and stability testing to rapidly provide you with accurate results. These colony counters can analyse a variety of plate types and membranes post membrane filtration.

Exceptional colour definition
With the ProtoCOL 3 and Protos 3 you have unrivalled colour differentiation technology, ensuring you can count different types of bacteria on selective agar quickly and easily. The system’s colour analysis even gives you precise counts of coloured colonies post serum bactericidal assay (SBA) and OPKA (opsonophagocytic killing assay) and can even perform blue/ white colony screening to produce an accurate ratio count of blue and white colonies.

Accurate inhibition zone sizing
If you need to determine microbial inhibition by measuring inhibition zone sizes, then the ProtoCOL 3 system is ideal. ProtoCOL 3 can automatically perform zone sizing of a range of antibiotic susceptibility tests.

Time saving analysis
You can generate life-like images of your plates with the simple to use software in Synbiosis colony counters. You can then automatically distinguish true colonies from clinical debris or membrane grid lines, effortlessly providing you with precise, fully traceable results in seconds.

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Automated Nucleic Acid Purification

The purification of DNA / RNA is an early and mandatory step in many diagnostic processes used to detect bacteria and viruses in the environment, as well as diagnosing disease and genetic disorders.

The basic procedure of our nucleic acids extractions include:

  • Lysis of cell membrane
  • Denaturation of proteins, DNA and other macromolecules
  • Inactivation of nucleases
  • Promotion of nucleic acid binding to magnetic particles
  • Removal of impurities​
  • Collection of purified DNA / RNA

With Zinexts superior aNAP solutions MagPurix® and ZiXpress-32®, we are able to provide any kind of laboratory, the perfect fitting automated DNA/RNA Purification platform



 Arcis Sample Preparation Kit, Sample to amplifiable DNA in under 3 minutes

Our technology allows fast and convenient DNA sample preparation for analysis and identification. The complete, ready to use system enables you to go from sample to amplifiable DNA in under 3 minutes. The sample prep system works with the Techne Prime Pro qPCR reagent kits and Prime Pro 48 qPCR system to make sample prep, analysis and quantification simple, accurate and fast.

The sample is prepared and stabilised without the need for heating or cooling steps and there are no spins or wash steps, it's a simple two step two tube protocol. The DNA is suitable for use in PCR and qPCR reactions using standard and fast cycling protocols. MORE INFO HERE