Chemiluminescence systems


  Syngene Chemiluminescent Western blot imaging

Imaging chemiluminescent Western blots with film can mean it’s difficult to get the right exposure times and requires handling hazardous chemicals. Using a Syngene GeneGnomeXRQ, with its sensitive, cooled CCD camera instead, gives you a wider dynamic range than film, more accurate protein quantification and is much safer. You can do walk-away capture of single or an image series of even faint ECL™ or CDP-Star® chemiluminescence, making it easy for you to detect poorly expressed proteins.

G:BOX Chemi XRQ, G:BOX mini 6, G:BOX mini 9, G:BOX Chemi XX6 and G:BOX Chemi XX9 to detect chemiluminescence on your Western blots. 

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 Syngene GeneGnome XRQ Chemiluminescence imaging system 

GeneGnome XRQ is a dedicated, high performance bio imaging system for chemiluminescence applications. It completely automates the process of imaging chemiluminescence samples, providing superbly accurate results. It is extremely easy to use, thanks to the powerful GeneSys image capture and editing software. GeneGnome has an integral white light for use with colorimetric markers.