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Colony counts in seconds
You can use a ProtoCOL 3, Protos 3 or an aCOLyte 3 for microbial enumeration of pathogens in applications such as disinfectant testing or preservative efficacy testing to rapidly provide you with a precise total count. These systems can accurately count total coliforms or specific bacteria such as Clostridium, Proteus and Salmonella to help you test for the absence of pathogens on a variety of plate types.

Excellent colour definition
With the ProtoCOL 3 and Protos 3 you’ll find unrivalled colour differentiation technology. So if you’re testing veterinary samples to count specific bacteria such as Streptococcus, ProtoCOL 3 and Protos 3 will quickly and easily provide precise counts of pathogenic organisms from your selective plate.

Easy zone measurement
If you need an easy way of measuring zone sizes, then the ProtoCOL 3 system is ideal. ProtoCOL 3 can automatically perform zone sizing of biograms and other types of antibiotic susceptibility testing methods and can even perform accurate halo sizing of haemolytic bacteria.

Time saving analysis
With the simple to use software in Synbiosis colony counters, you can automatically distinguish true colonies or measure zone sizes, saving you hours, by effortlessly providing and storing precise images and data in seconds.


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 ADAM Veterinary Scales

Suitable for use in the office or in the field, Adam Equipment scales and balances provide the durability and dependability required for all types of veterinary and animal weighing needs. In the veterinarian's office, on the farm, or at the zoo, our scales can be used for lab testing, preparing medicines, checking the weight of small pets and large livestock, and monitoring food portions .

For animal weighing, Adam offers scales that can hold the weight reading on the display, which hastens the process and allows the user to focus attention primarily on the animal.

A dynamic weighing function averages weight readings taken over time, providing reliable results, even for animals that are moving.

Adam balances are portable, offering flexibility and accurate measurement in lab testing, or when compounding and preparing medicine.

Veterinarians and animal care professionals worldwide turn to Adam for weighing solutions that deliver speed, performance and value




Techne PRIME PRO 48 Real Time qPCR Machine

A wide range of veterinary and agricultural pathogen detection kits, all offering a potentially significant economic impact.

  • Avian
  • Bovine
  • Ovine - Caprine
  • Equine
  • Feline
  • Canine
  • Porcine
  • Piscean