Water Analysis & Testing

Palintest's technologies offer equipment to test for a wide range of critical water quality parameters, helping safeguard water for everyone, every day. They offer a wide range of products to suit all testing needs for the full suite of water quality parameters.

Humanitarian Palintest offer a range of test kits specifically designed for field testing in emergency response situations, or in remote locations where water and laboratory infrastructure is limited

Pool & Spa Effective water management enables you to optimise your treatment plan for cost efficiency, water balance and swimmer safety.

Water Utilities Palintest work with water utilities companies around the globe to help meet regulatory standards and ensure the highest standards of water safety.

Food & Beverage Palintest's  technologies help businesses to reach the highest standards of food safety through critical process and disinfection control.

Soil & Agriculture Soil is a precious but non-renewable resource. It sustains life across the world by providing the basis for healthy food production, fuel, clothing fibres and medicinal products. Protecting and managing soil health requires a focus on soil macronutrients and micronutrients. Regular testing helps maximise crop and avoid any stock losses. Palintest offers a specialist range of soil testing kits to support all soil testing needs, see the kits below for more information.

Process Water Process Water is loosely described as water used in industry such as manufacturing, chemical processing, cooling towers and power generation. Because of the broad nature of the application, testing required in each sub-sector is also known to vary widely. Regular water testing is an important process as it can help to verify the safety of the procedure and optimise the industrial process, both from a cost and operational standpoint.


Rapid Concentration of SARS-CoV-2 in Wastewater for Public Health Outbreak Mitigation 


Researchers around the globe have already begun to use wastewater to detect the emergence and spread of COVID-19 outbreaks. This approach may prove to be a powerful epidemiological method to help Public Health officials mobilize resources and help determine the degree and duration of intervention needed in a community.

This application requires that target organisms are detectable at very low concentrations from about 10 copies per 100 milliliters of influent. Rapid methods are only capable of analyzing very small volumes; generally 10 microliters or less. The InnovaPrep concentration technology can bridge this gap faster, easier, and better than common methods.

Our customers have confirmed that The CP Select can rapidly and efficiently concentrate SARS-CoV-2 from raw influent wastewater samples. Detecting SARS-CoV-2 in wastewater is difficult because it is so dilute, making rapid and easy concentration key to rapid detection. InnovaPrep tools can provide the exponential concentration factors required and can be easily integrated with routine methods used for all waterborne pathogens normally surveilled, while saving labor costs and improving workflow.

User data show that the InnovaPrep CP Select outperformed HA, PEG, and Celite based methods for concentration of six viruses from 100 mL of raw influent. As shown in the below table represented by the red bar (IP).

Further, the speed of concentration and the ease of use easily beat traditional methods.

For secondary clarifier effluent, similar results were reported, and the InnovaPrep Large Volume Concentrator was used to process 50-100 L, tremendously improving the detection limit for those viruses.