Pool & Spa Electronic & Visual Testing

 Palintest Photometers for Pool and Spa

Electronic and visual testing products for professional and residential pools, hydrotherapy pools, spas and hot tubs. Effective water management enables you to optimise your treatment plan for cost efficiency, water balance and swimmer safety.

Palintest Pooltest 3 Photometer

The Pooltest 3 combines testing for chlorine, pH and cyanuric acid, for quick assessments of water quality.

Palintest Pooltest 4 Photometer 

The Pooltest 4 is the ideal compact photometer for testing spas and indoor pools. Includes testing for alkalinity, bromine, chlorine and pH.

Palintest Pooltest 6 Photometer

The Pooltest 6 provides simple and effective pool testing for service engineers and pool managers, with all the tests required for a water balance calculation.

Palintest Pooltest 9 Photometer

The Pooltest 9 covers nine major water quality tests, enabling quick and simple results for effective pool and spa management.

Palintest Pooltest 10 Photometer

Making professional pool and spa management easy; the Pooltest 10 includes tests for the 10 most critical water testing parameters

Palintest Pooltest 25 Photometer

The Pooltest 25 is Palintest’s top of the range pool photometer, covering the complete range of water testing parameters for professional pool and spa management.


Turbidity and Chlorine Combined Kit

Ideal for professionals in water utilities, combine turbidity and chlorine testing in one kit. Available with the Chlorometer and Chlorometer Duo.

Turbidity and Ammonia Combined Kit

Ideally suited to wastewater professionals, this combined kit includes the Turbimeter Plus and Compact Ammonia Meter or Ammonia Duo.


  Palintest Visual Test Kits for Pool & Spa

View our range of Pool and Spa Visual products to get the instrument best suited for your testing needs.

Palintest Contour Comparator 

Compact and versatile, the contour comparator offers simple visual testing with a wide range of test options.

Palintest Colitag™

The simplest and most flexible method for Total Coliforms and E. coli, Colitag™ is expertly designed for microbiological water quality testing – with USEPA-approval.


Palintest VCDK Visual Arsenic Testing

A simple visual test kit providing rapid arsenic test results, widely used to identify arsenic water contamination in rural communities.

Palintest Pool Contour Comparator

Ideal for small scale professional pool and spa management, the pool contour comparator offers simple visual testing for the range of pool water quality parameters.

Palintest Pocket Kits

Compact, simple and cost-effective testing, supplied in a hard case kit for a complete portable testing solution.

Palintest Pooltester Kits

Ideal for the residential user, the Pooltester range from Palintest provides simple and cost-effective pool and hot tub testing.

Palintest Drop Count Kits

Dropper titration provides a cost effective and accurate means of determining water quality in the field, for a wide range of applications.

Palintest Tablet Count Kit

A similar quick and cost-effective method to drop count kits; tablet count kits are widely used for the routine control of industrial waters such as boiler and cooling water systems.