COVID-19 Consumables

COVID-19 Consumables


Naso Pharyngeal Swabs
Supplied with collection tubes & VTM buffer (500 sets per box)
Oral Pharyngeal Swabs
Supplied with collection tubes & VTM buffer (500 sets per box)
Specimen Collection Swab
(Oral/Nasal) individually packed without VTM and without tube. (1 swab per pack- 500 swabs per box) 

 Microcentrifuge Tubes 

Eppendorf Type Tubes 1.5ml &  Eppendorf Type Tubes 2.0 ml Clear and sterile with self standing bag & stop (500 pcs/pack)

Reversible Racks For stacking tubes 96 wells x 0.5ml/1.5ml (50 pcs per bag)

Centrifuge Tubes Conical 15ml & 50ml centrifuge tubes made of premium polypropylen. Comes packed in foam rack in sterile bag or individually wrapped.

 Cryogenic Vials Co-molded screw cap that combines polyethylene (PE) with a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), eliminating silicone O-rings for a safer sample storage environment. Cap design provides a secure seal on the inside of the vial, makes gripping the outside of the cap

 Cryovials Tubes Sterile 2ml, skirted bottom, external thread, reinforced. (50 pcs/bag)

 Cryogenic Tube Labels  - White strips of 100s (1,000 labels per pack)

 PCR Plates & Tubes 

  • 4 Well PCR Tubes & Caps - Strips of 4s Rotogene & Mic compatible options (250 strips of tubes & caps- 4's per pack)
  • PCR Plates 96 Well Semi-Skirted - ABI compatible  (50 plates per pack)
  • PCR Plates 96 x 0.1ml low profile fast. & semi skirted Biorad & Roche compatible  (50 plates per pack)

Pipettes & Pipette Tips

  • Pipette Tips 10ul - Racked, Sterilized & Filtered (3,840pcs in 4 packs of 960pcs)
  • Pipette Tips 100ul - Racked, Sterilized & Filtered (3,840pcs in 4 packs of 960pcs)
  • Pipette Tips 200ul - Racked, Sterilized & Filtered  (3,840pcs in 4 packs of 960pcs)
  • Pipette Tips 1000ul - Racked, Sterilized & Filtered (3,072pcs in 3.2 packs of 960pcs)

 Storage Racks & Boxes 

Test Tube Racks 100% polypropylene that can be snap-linked together

  • R1030 4-way rack to hold 4x50ml, 12x15ml or 32xmicro tubes (0.5, 1.5 or 2ml). 
  • R1070 to hold 30x15ml and 20x50ml. 
  • R1050 Reversible rack for 96x1.5ml one side and 96x0.5ml on the other.

Plastic Storage Boxes

For as low as -80˚C,  translucent lids and numbered cavities. R1010 PCR workstation rack/box for 96x 0.2ml (plates, strips or individual tubes). 5 1/4 x 5 1/4 x 2 inches or n10×10 format with an attached hinged lid. R1060 Standard 9×9 format with friction fit lid.

 Cardboard Storage Boxes

Hinged Lids with water-proof outer coating and 6 available colors. For 81 or 100 tubes (9×9 or 10×10).


For storing 2ml cryotubes in the freezer, with 81 tube capacity with dividers (100 pcs per pack).

 **Virus inactivation is due to the effect of VTM on the virus envelop. Preservation of the viral RNA due to the non effect on the viral capsid.A stable pH ensures ideal protection of nucleic acids.* 

  • Protective Suit 1 pc Tyvek type coverall with hood (Individually packed)
  • PVC Disposable Gloves (100 pcs per box)
  • Shoe Covers Short Type 25gsm (50 pairs per bag)
  • Protective Goggles (1 pc per bag)
  • Isolation Gowns With Rear Ties individually packed
  • KN95 Respirator Face Masks (20 pcs per box)
  • PC Protective Face Shields (10 pcs per pack)
Wate Bins 
Biohazard Waste Boxes (Packs of 6)
Foot pedal Step-On Biohazard Waste Bin (Individually packed)
Polypropylene Biohazard Disposal Bins19"w x 23"h with lift-up cover. (Individually packed)
Lab Bags & Miscelaneous
  • Autoclave Bag 24" x 32" Red, biohazard 5  packs (1,000 pcs)
  • Pure Molecular Grade Ethanol 99.6% 2.5 L Bottle
  • Parafilm Parafin Wrap 4" x 125 ft. Individual rolls of 125ft
  • Zip Lock Specimen Bags (LDP) Packs of 1,000
  • Autoclave Bag 12.2" x 26 Red, biohazard 5 packs  (1,000 pcs)