COVID-19 Laboratory Consumables

COVID-19 Laboratory Consuables

We offer a full range of consumables available for your covid-19 laboratory. From sample collection, transportation, to in-lab consumables for sucessful RNA Extraction and Viral Detection.



CE-IVD & FDA Approved

Nasopharyngeal Swabs
Supplied with collection tubes & VTM buffer (500 kits per box)
Oropharyngeal Swabs
Supplied with collection tubes & VTM buffer (500 kitsper box)
Specimen Collection Swab
(Oral/Nasal) individually packed without VTM and without tube. (1 swab per pack- 500 swabs per box) 
Swabs for Surface testing

Microcentrifuge Tubes 

Eppendorf Type Tubes 1.5ml &  Eppendorf Type Tubes 2.0 ml Clear and sterile with self standing bag & stop (500 pcs/pack)

Reversible Racks For stacking tubes 96 wells x 0.5ml/1.5ml (50 pcs per bag)

Centrifuge Tubes
Conical 15ml & 50ml centrifuge tubes made of premium polypropylen. Comes packed in foam rack in sterile bag or individually wrapped.
Cryogenic Tubes/Vials
Sterile 2ml, skirted bottom, external thread, reinforced. (50 pcs/bag)                                     
Co-molded screw cap that combines polyethylene (PE) with a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), eliminating silicone O-rings for a safer sample storage environment. Cap design provides a secure seal on the inside of the vial, makes gripping the outside of the cap 
  Cryogenic Tube Labels
White strips of 100s (1,000 labels per pack)                                                                        

 PCR Plates & Tubes 

  • 4 Well PCR Tubes & Caps - Strips of 4s Rotogene & Mic compatible options (250  strips of tubes & caps- 4's per pack)
  • PCR Plates 96 Well Semi-Skirted - ABI compatible  (50 plates per pack)
  • PCR Plates 96 x 0.1ml low profile fast. & semi skirted Biorad & Roche compatible  (50 plates per pack)

  Pipettes & Pipette Tips

  • Pipette Tips 10ul - Racked, Sterilized & Filtered (3,840pcs in 4 packs of 960pcs)
  • Pipette Tips 100ul - Racked, Sterilized & Filtered (3,840pcs in 4 packs of 960pcs)
  • Pipette Tips 200ul - Racked, Sterilized & Filtered  (3,840pcs in 4 packs of 960pcs)
  • Pipette Tips 1000ul - Racked, Sterilized & Filtered (3,072pcs in 3.2 packs of 960pcs)   
  • Brochure Page HERE     
 Storage Racks & Boxes 

Test Tube Racks 100% polypropylene that can be snap-linked together

  • R1030 4-way rack to hold 4x50ml, 12x15ml or 32xmicro tubes (0.5, 1.5 or 2ml).            
  • R1070 to hold 30x15ml and 20x50ml. 
  • R1050 Reversible rack for 96x1.5ml one side and 96x0.5ml on the other.

Plastic Storage Boxes

For as low as -80˚C,  translucent lids and numbered cavities. R1010 PCR workstation rack/box for 96x 0.2ml (plates, strips or individual tubes). 5 1/4 x 5 1/4 x 2 inches or n10×10 format with an attached hinged lid. R1060 Standard 9×9 format with friction fit lid.        


 Cardboard Storage Boxes

Hinged Lids with water-proof outer coating and 6 available colors. For 81 or 100 tubes (9×9 or 10×10).



For storing 2ml cryotubes in the freezer, with 81 tube capacity with dividers (100 pcs per pack).

PPE - Personal Protection Equipment
  • Protective Suit 1 pc Tyvek type coverall with hood (Individually packed)                       
  • PVC Disposable Gloves (100 pcs per box)
  • Shoe Covers Short Type 25gsm (50 pairs per bag)
  • Protective Goggles (1 pc per bag)
  • Isolation Gowns With Rear Ties individually packed
  • KN95 Respirator Face Masks (20 pcs per box)
  • PC Protective Face Shields (10 pcs per pack)
  • Sanitizers & Floor Matt sanitizers   
Waste Bins 
Biohazard Waste Boxes (Packs of 6)
Foot pedal Step-On Biohazard Waste Bin (Individually packed)
Polypropylene Biohazard Disposal Bins19"w x 23"h with lift-up cover. (Individually packed)      
    Lab Bags & Miscelaneous
    • Autoclave Bag 24" x 32" Red, biohazard 5  packs (1,000 pcs)                      
    • Pure Molecular Grade Ethanol 99.6% 2.5 L Bottle
    • Parafilm Parafin Wrap 4" x 125 ft. Individual rolls of 125ft
    • Zip Lock Specimen Bags (LDP) Packs of 1,000
    • Autoclave Bag 12.2" x 26 Red, biohazard 5 packs  (1,000 pcs)


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