Liquid Handling Accessories

You can determine which Liquid handling accessory you need by going to the product you require it for. The accessories will be listed below Ordering Information & Accessories. If you already know which Liquid Handling accessory you require, please select from the table below.

0.2µm filter, non-sterile (pack of 10)
0.2µm filter, sterile (pack of 1)
1000ml Amber bottle (A45 screwcap)
1000ml Pyrex® clear bottle (A45 screwcap)
33mm Adapter for digital burette
38mm Adapter for digital burette
3µm filter, non-sterile (pack of 1)
3µm filter, non-sterile (pack of 10)
40mm Adapter for digital burette
45mm Adapter for digital burette
A38 Screw thread adapter, for PD10P & PD60P
A45 Screw thread adapter, for PD10P & PD60P
Bottle adapter, A32, PP
Bottle adapter, A32, PT
Bottle adapter, A38, PP
Bottle adapter, A38, PT
Bottle adapter, A40, PP
Bottle adapter, A40, PT
Reservoir, amber glass, 1400ml
Reservoir, amber glass, 2500ml
S40 Screw thread adapter, for PD10P & PD60P
Wall support