Histology Products

Cole-Parmer® Paraffin Wax Dispenser WD-200

        • ‘Wax on tap’ for histology and pathology labs
        • Over-temperature cut-out at 120°C
        • Non-drip heated tap to prevent blockages
        • Anti-microbial coating (Ag+) to inhibit growth of bacteria
        • Slimline design to maximise bench space
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Cole-Parmer Paraffin Wax Dispenser FB-200

        • Temperature control as opposed to arbitrary power control
        • Improved heat up rates 45°C nominal temperature for 2.25 litres water, attained within 40 minutes
        • Improved temperature stability of ±0.5°C
        • Overheating prevented with new temperature control mechanism
        • PTFE black interior and powder-coated white aluminium exterior
        • Virtually maintenance-free and extremely easy to clean
        • Black interior provides high contrast for viewing samples
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Cole-Parmer Slide Drying Bench SW-200

This Slide Drying Bench is used for the safe drying of glass slides after sample mounting in preparation for clearing and staining. The dark surface gives good visibility of samples.


        • Up to 50 slides capacity
        • The slides can be arranged on the bench in different orientations
        • Built-in energy regulator controlling
          temperature up to 100°C
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