BWB Model BWB-XP, 5 Channel Flame Photometer

Measurement of (Sodium Na, Potassium K, Lithium Li, Calcium Ca and Barium Ba) Complete with 5 filters, Gas Regulator, Air Compressor and Starter Pack to enable use straight from its box with the addition of Propane or Butane

The BWB-XP Flame Photometer is a high quality, high performance instrument, employing modern technology to measure 5 elements (Sodium Na, Potassium K, Lithium Li, Calcium Ca and Barium Ba) very simply but with extremely accurate results.

The Flame Photometer comes as a complete package, and only requires the provision of either propane or butane gas to enable it to be used straight out of its package.

The BWB-XP Flame Photometer - just add gas!

The many built in features of this flame photometer comprise:

  • Individual detectors for Sodium Na, Potassium K, Lithium Li, Calcium Ca and Barium Ba, plus a Flame (IR) Sensor
  • Simultaneous detection and display of all 5 elements
  • Digital processing eliminates the need for internal standard methods.
  • Two point or multi point calibration
  • Choice of calibration units: ppm, mg/l, meq/l, mmol/l
  • Unit retains calibration values when in use.
  • Automatic start up routine
  • Flameout detection and automatic shutdown
  • Self diagnostics on set up.
  • Diagnostic indicators
  • Detection to ensure drain trap filled
  • Modular sub component replacement
  • In built air compressor
  • Electronic air control optimises performance
  • RS232 and USB computer interface
  • Windows based monitoring software
  • SRM (Simple Reporting Module) that allows PC connection for data logging, GLP reporting format, file retention and internet sharing of data.  FP - PC.
  • Chart recorder output 0-1V full scale
  • Gas regulator fitted
  • Can be used with propane, but ane, LPG
  • Universal voltage input
  • CE Compliant
  • Instruction manual and methods book provided.