Jenway 7410 Visible Scanning Spectrophotometer 74 Series

7410 visible scanning spectrophotometer, fitted with 10x10mm cuvette holder, and supplied with a universal power supply and an instruction manual
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• 7" High Definition colour touchscreen display
• Android operating system
• Internal memory for methods and results (10GB onboard storage)
• Multiple USB ports for data storage and printer connectivity
• Multi-language options including English, French, German, Spanish and Italian 
• Extensive range of accessories available
• 3-year warranty (excluding Tungsten lamp used on 7410)

The Jneway 74 series spectrophotometers provide accurate and reliable results in various applications from teaching, to industrial applications, to routine sample analysis in quality control environments. These spectrophotometers have been designed to be easy to use and have enhanced connectivity for simple and quick data transfer. All units feature a colour touchscreen and intuitive user interface, allowing manual free operation.

There are two models in the 74 series range. Model 7410 uses a tungsten halogen lamp for measurements in the visible spectrum from 320 to 1000nm. Model 7415 uses a press to read xenon lamp to extend measurements into the UV spectrum, down to 198nm. Both spectrophotometers have a 5nm spectral bandwidth and are covered by a 3-year warranty, including the Xenon lamp used on the 7415 but excluding the Tungsten lamp used on the 7410 which has a 1 year warranty. 

Both models offer measurement modes for simple photometrics; concentration calculated using a single standard or a factor; quantitation with the ability to create a calibration curve using up to 20 standards; full spectrum scanning; multi-wavelength, where up to 4 wavelengths can be measured simultaneously and kinetics, to monitor the change in absorbance over time. 

The large 7" High Definition colour touchscreen enables users to zoom in and out and select points all by simply touching the screen. The touchscreen interface is fast and responsive even when wearing gloves. 

Technical Specification  
Parameter 7410
Wavelength Range 320 to 1000nm
Light source Tungsten halogen lamp
Accuracy ± 2nm
Repeatibility ± 0.5nm
Spectral bandwidth 5nm
Photometric Transmittance 0 to 199.9%
Photometric Absorbance - 0.300 to 2.500
Photometric Accuracy ± 1%T, ± 0.01Abs at 1.000 Absorbance
Photometric Resolution 0.1%T, 0.001A
Concentation Calibration Blank with a single standard or factor
Quantitation Calibration Blank with up to 20 standards
Quantitation Curve fit algorithms Quadratic, quadratic through zero, linear, linear through zero, interpolate
Kinetics Analysis Concentration, rate of change, initial and final absorbance/ %T
Spectrum Range 320 to 1000nm
Spectrum Scan interval 1, 2, 5 or 10nm
Spectrum Analysis Absorbance or transmittance, peak and valleys and area under the curve
Internal memory 10GB
External memory Limited by attached mass storage device
Outputs USB Type A x 2, USB Type B x 1, Ethernet connection (RJ45)
Size (w x d x h) 280 x 500 x 156mm
Weight 9kg